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Edinburgh Airport exceeds national recycling target

Edinburgh Airport has exceeded the Scottish Government's zero waste targets after recycling 82% of its waste last year.

In 2012, Edinburgh Airport sent an average of 12.3 tonnes of food waste per month to a recycling plant which helps to generate electricity. This is the same amount of waste produced per month by over 900 average households and has increased from 7.7 tonnes in 2011 with the national target being to recycle 75% of all of Scotland's waste by 2025.

Scotland's busiest airport has also been rewarded for its recycling efforts by receiving gold status in the National Recycling Stars Awards for outstanding recycling performance. The airport has also received a grant for over £48,000 from Zero Waste Scotland which has helped with the installation of 75 new recycling bins throughout the terminal.

David Wilson, Edinburgh Airport's Chief Operating Officer, said "We are delighted to be supporting the Recycle for Scotland Campaign, in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland. We are the only Scottish Airport so far to have been awarded funding. Our new recycling bins will improve the quality of recycling and send a clear message to UK and international visitors that Edinburgh Airport and Scotland is serious about recycling"

Iain Gulland, Director of Zero Waste Scotland, said: "We must stop thinking of used materials, like empty bottles and drinks cans, as waste. There's real value in the goods we throw away, and the small effort it takes to separate waste for recycling can contribute to economic growth for Scotland.

"These new recycling bins will be in busy, public areas to make it easier to recycle on the go at Edinburgh Airport, and we urge visitors to make use of these new facilities."

Julie McKinney, Energy and Waste Manager for Edinburgh Airport, said: "Edinburgh Airport is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and is working hard on a number of projects to help minimise our effect of the environment.

"The fact we have exceeded the national recycling target and been awarded gold status for our recycling performance highlights our work in this area and our desire to be an environmentally friendly airport."