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"Help Us Help You" Asks Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport has today (Friday) launched a new campaign to show passengers that a little preparation before setting off on their trip can save them time at security airport and stop a lot of unwanted waste.

The campaign asks passengers to pack properly and dress cleverly to make things easier for all as they pass through security.  The message will be on billboards and bus shelters across Edinburgh and 10,000 postcards distributed around Edinburgh.

16 500 postcards were also distributed through the airport’s community newsletter dropped to local businesses and homes and will be on its website and twitter feed.

Last year, Edinburgh Airport disposed of 21.7 tonnes of goods that had been surrendered by passengers before security and during the security process.  This was disposed of and recycled where possible by the airport at a cost of £15,000.

Some of the more common but unusual items surrendered at security included, snow globes, jams and toy guns.

It is also estimated that the difference between a prepared passenger and an unprepared passenger can be 5 minutes.  With an average 32,000 passengers per day going through Edinburgh Airport, these extra minutes can be vital in processing people efficiently, particularly at peak times.

Kevin Brown, Managing Director, Edinburgh Airport, said: “This exciting campaign asks our passengers to help us help them by coming to the airport prepared for security.

“It not only will make for an easier and quicker passage through security, it will reduce the amount of waste we gather and dispose of.  Last year we disposed of 21.7 tonnes of discarded items – the weight of an average fighter jet!

“So please take a minute to think when packing, check our website for all of the guidelines and information you need and help us make the airport experience the best it can be.”

Edinburgh Airport’s website details security liquid requirements,

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For further information, please contact Gordon Robertson on 0778 537 2961