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Pedal Power Policing First at Edinburgh Airport

The new mounted officers will be able to patrol the airport campus far more effectively and efficiently on the new bikes, creating a highly visible presence across the airport to reassure and assist passengers when needed.

Lothian and Borders has invested in three new bikes and trained all of its officers in how to integrate them best into policing Scotland’s largest airport.

Kevin Brown, Managing Director, Edinburgh Airport said: “We’re delighted at this new initiative and I think our passengers will really respond positively. Getting the officers out of their cars promotes faster response and will make for easier face to face interaction.  As a bonus, it also helps us reduce car emissions across the airport.”

Inspector Paul McDonald, from Lothian and Borders Police based at Edinburgh Airport said: “We want to assist the airport and its passengers with their journeys as much as we can.  I believe that this investment in bikes will go a long way to doing just that.“

“A more approachable and visible police presence is the way forward at Edinburgh Airport. I am pleased that by using bikes an alternative means of transport, officers are able to move more quickly and freely around the Airport, allowing us to continue to engage with passengers and staff, whilst at the same time promote our own healthy working life policies.”