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Edinburgh Airport welcomes A380 to Scotland

The Airbus A380, the world's largest commercial airliner, will today make its first ever appearance in Scotland with a fly over Edinburgh Airport.

The aircraft will undertake an 'approach and go' manoeuvre at 13:40, coming down to a few hundred feet above the runway before departing for other airports across the UK.

Gordon Dewar, Managing Director of Edinburgh Airport, who will view the aircraft from the roof of the main terminal building with airport staff, said: "There has been a real air of excitement at the airport since we heard the news of the A380's flying visit.

"We are all delighted that Edinburgh was chosen as the first airport in Scotland to see the world's largest commercial aircraft.

"There have been many proud moments in the 30-year history of Edinburgh Airport but I think today will stand out as one of the most memorable events, both for passengers, staff and visitors alike."