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From runway to runway: local and international style on show at the retail fashion event

For one day only Edinburgh Airport had a new temporary runway. But this was not any ordinary runway. This was Edinburgh Airport’s Airside Fashion Show hosted in the No.1 Lounge.

It was great to witness and celebrate Edinburgh Airport introducing a number of prestigious and exciting new brands in their departure lounge.

I have been flying in and out of Edinburgh Airport for 10 years. I think it’s fair to say that while it has allowed me to go on many a journey around the world, the airport itself has been on quite the journey thanks to the increasing number of passenger flying through EDI every year.

I have seen a number of changes within the airport over the last decade. It’s great to celebrate how EDI has worked to be one of the world’s leading airports thanks to the passenger experience it now provides.

Edinburgh airport has gone beyond being the place where you simply fly in and out. It is now a place where you can experience not just Edinburgh or Scottish, but global brands, products and services at your convenience before you take off. #dontjustflythrough

As each ‘passenger model’ was travelling down the runway, showcasing the catalogue of the latest fashion trends, inclusive of everyone’s tastes (Max Mara, Brora, Michael Kors, The Watch Collection, JD Sport, Fat Face, Next, Rolling Luggage, Scottish Fine Gifts, Tartan Weaving Mill, Traveller and more.), I felt a real proud ownership of a place that I could call ‘my airport’. My home-town airport that I get to proudly share with the world. An airport I proactively go out of my way to arrive a little earlier just to experience what it has to offer before I fly.

No longer can I complain about having to arrive for flights hours before I fly. Instead I am more likely to complain about not having enough time in the airport itself.

Or if you are not the flying type, the airport has developed its passenger experience to such a high standard, it is a place that will allow you to relax and take your mind off flying.

And you don’t need to worry about forgetting anything at home. Edinburgh Airport has a huge range of products and services ready at your convenience, value and choice.

You know you are travelling through a great place, when there is no other airport you’d rather fly in and out of. Congratulations to Edinburgh Airport and their team for creating a place Scotland get’s to proudly share with the world.

Ruth Donaldson

Humanitarian Advocate. JustHair. Artist Promoter & Host. Photographer.

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