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​Perspective Is Everything

I don’t know about you, but I am a bigger-picture kind of person. Someone who is always trying to literally see the bigger-picture as well as metaphorically seek it with the aim of achieving life in all its fullness. From: watching EDI flights fly over the River Forth at sunset, in full view of the Edinburgh skyline, to scaling the Cuillin Mountains at home on Skye; sailing around Liberty Island in New York, seeing the whole of Manhattan; to looking down between the clouds at the land beneath me as I travel the city in the sky, the bigger-picture is something that I will never get tired of seeing, letting it shape my thoughts and direction in life.

My friend Francesca, recently heard entrepreneur, Jo Malone share her business know-how. During the seminar, Jo shared her biggest tip which is to seek 20 minutes of inspiration everyday. For me, those – often extended – 20 minutes are taken by grabbing planned and spontaneous opportunities to seek out views that help me to literally see and take inspiration from bigger-picture-thinking.

While on holiday at home on the Isle of Skye, surrounded by 360 degree jaw-dropping views, I was reflecting on the word ‘busy’. Do you ever wonder why we tend to routinely describe our lives as being busy to the point that it’s now the norm? What happened to the days when we occasionally described our lives as ‘busier than normal’ compared to how we are now constantly busy, today? If we are honest with ourselves, what do we really achieve by making busy normal?

The contrast between that moment where I was standing by Coire Lagan, a peaceful blue-lagoon-like loch in the heart of the Cuillin Hills, where all I could hear was the sound of a gentle breeze and my own breath, compared to my busy life in Edinburgh, were literally miles apart. If anything, it amplified the fact that life was racing past me and that I was ultimately missing out, as I got caught up in the busyness of life. I then focused on the liberating thought that life could be equally just as full, by choosing to slow down, giving me more time to live in the moment, instead of racing on to the next event. The key now is to put into action those positive lessons I learnt in the context of my life in Edinburgh and everywhere else I go.

Whilst living in a consumerist culture, I believe, if we remain open minded, every time we travel, we will always return with so much more, if we allow ourselves to be shaped by the perspective we can gain. This perspective is less likely to come in the shape of materialism, yet can often be the gifts that money can’t buy as we learn valuable life lessons from all that we see and experience. If anything, travel-perspective buys me time when I allow it to shape and mold my life in a positive way by realising that every moment I have on this planet is a gift.

We often hear of people taking extended time out to ‘find themselves’ as they travel the world which Edinburgh Airport helps thousands of people do so, every single day. On their return home, we can see that they has been an element of them that has been transormed. I am in a very fortunate position that my work and life requires me to travel a lot. It is often when I am looking at wide-angle views between the clouds, perspective helps to further shape my outlook on life. Where I’d be without Edinburgh Airport, is beyond me.

For me, life is too short to not be making the most of life, and it is by choosing to be influenced by the bigger-picture that helps guide me forward. When we take ourselves out of our busy lives and retreat to a place for a short period of time such as going on walk or on holiday, we don’t have to work hard to gain and learn from perspective. Through the people we meet, the cultures we walk through and the sights we see, I believe naturally inspires thoughts which help us to choose the paths we make and learn from the lessons take. My recent blog on Barcelona describes in detail the impression the inspiring city left on me, and how I choose to put into action, the transformative perspective I gained.

And on that note, I’m away up Arthur’s Seat to get an Edinburgh skyline view of the end of festival fireworks. Join me!

Ruth Donaldson

Humanitarian Advocate. JustHair. Artist Promoter & Host. Photographer.

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About Ruth

Originally from the Isle of Skye and now based in Edinburgh, Ruth Donaldson is a humanitarian advocate, artist promoter & host, hairdresser, photographer, wakeboarder and lover of gin.