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Invoicing and payment

Any Supplier wishing to do business with Edinburgh Airport must first be approved and set up on our internal system, iDocuments. Once done, Purchase Orders (POs) can be raised to the supplier for goods, products or services provided.

All approved POs will automatically be emailed by iDocuments to the email address provided by the supplier when registering. Please note POs can only be issued to one email address.

Once a supplier has received a PO, work can commence. Edinburgh Airport operates a strict “No PO, no pay policy”. No goods, products or services should be provided to Edinburgh Airport without a valid PO.

Once the goods, products or services have been provided, an invoice should be submitted. This should only be submitted for materials or services covered by an approved Edinburgh Airport PO, not a company order number.

Invoices that do not hold a Edinburgh Airport PO number will be rejected.

How to send your invoice

All invoices must be addressed to:

Edinburgh Airport Ltd
Accounts Payable
Finance Department
2nd Floor Terminal Building
EH12 9DN

Alternatively invoices can be emailed to

Please ensure all invoices are addressed to Accounts Payable and not any other department or individual as this may result in a delay to your payment.

All invoices must have, as a minimum, the following information:

  • The full billing address for Edinburgh Airport Limited (as noted above)
  • The full PO number provided by Edinburgh Airport
  • A unique company invoice number
  • The tax point date
  • An item description which refers to your payment request
  • Quantity, price and value matching the information shown on the PO
  • The same supplier name and details as shown on the PO
  • The invoice currency must be the same as that stated on the original PO.

Invoices that do not contain all of the above information will be returned to the Supplier with an explanation note.

How to deal with rejected invoices

All invoices will be returned to the supplier unpaid if:

  • The address differs from the one listed above
  • There is no reference or match to a valid Edinburgh Airport PO number
  • The currency stated does not match that on the original Edinburgh Airport PO
  • The supplier name is not the same as that on the Edinburgh Airport PO. To update your details please contact
  • The PO has already been fully billed and the invoice is for an additional amount not confirmed by a PO
  • The PO number has been handwritten.

If you receive a returned invoice, please correct any errors that have been stated on the explanation note and re-submit the invoice number.

How to track the status of an invoice

Once an invoice has been received and accepted it will undergo a three-way match process (Purchase Order, receipt and invoice) before being approved for payment. Where there are multiple lines on a PO, the invoice must state which of those lines it refers to.

Invoices can only be paid once the goods, products or services have been receipted by the appropriate requisitioner at Edinburgh Airport.

Any questions relating to the payment of an invoice should be e-mailed to, alternatively please call the Accounts Payable team directly on 0131 348 4604.