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Edinburgh Airport Tower

Tower lights criteria

Edinburgh Airport currently has the ability to turn its iconic air traffic control tower different colours.

Over the past couple of years the tower has been lit up a number of different times for various events, including red for Remembrance fortnight, blue for the Scottish Rugby Six Nations, green for St Patricks day (in conjunction with Aer Lingus) and white to support Police Scotland’s white ribbon campaign.

Due to the popularity of the tower being turned different colours, the airport is now receiving an increased number of requests from organisations asking us to support their cause.

As the airport is directly involved with a number of different charities, organisations and causes, it’s difficult to limit tower light changes to a specific number throughout the year.

In order to fairly decide whether we should change the tower lights going forward, we have come up with a list of criteria which any future requests should be judged against.


Edinburgh Airport will agree to turn the tower one of the 12 available colours if the cause has a direct link to or impact on the airport. These include:

  • Edinburgh Airport’s corporate charity events
  • National sporting events, e.g. 6Nations, Scotland football and/or rugby matches
  • National campaigns which have a direct impact on airport operations and/or passengers
  • New airline launches
  • All of these are conditional and on advance request only


Due to the high impact and attention that a different coloured tower achieves, the tower will not be changed for the following types of requests:

  • Any specific club football team colours beyond that of national senior cup final appearances for local teams
  • Any campaign with a particular political party link
  • Promotion of products, direct marketing/advertising
  • Any campaigns with links to gambling or financial industry
  • Non- Edinburgh Airport corporate charities or organisations without a specific link to Edinburgh Airport

Unfortunately we are unable to fulfil all requests from members of the public, worthy charities and organisations as we are inundated with requests.

Retaining our regular colour of purple as often as possible and minimizing the frequency that we change the tower maximises the impact and benefit of when tower changes colour.

*The tower belongs to Edinburgh Airport Ltd and we retain the right to adapt our policy as and when we see fit.