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Noise assistance

Edinburgh Airport has a number of assistance schemes available to local residents:

Noise Insulation Scheme

Households without double glazing in the 65 dB contour of the airport*, who haven't benefited from the scheme before, are entitled to apply for:

  • free secondary glazing to fit existing windows; or
  • a 50% contribution to standard double glazed PVCu replacement windows; or
  • a 50% contribution to high specification double glazed PVCu replacement windows, specially designed to reduce noise levels, or a combination of these options.
  • A 50% contribution for replacing glass sealed units (glass only keeping existing window frames)

Properties already fitted with double glazing and do not want it replaced, can arrange for a free home survey to be carried out to identify whether the home'€™s current insulation qualities can be improved. Loft insulation has also been found to help further reduce noise disturbance. For this reason, eligible households would also be entitled to ventilation and loft insulation free of charge as part of the scheme. For further information call us on 0131 344 3509.

*In 2015 the threshold will be reduced to 64 dB and in 2016 it will be reduced to 63dB.

Noise Insulation Scheme process

  1. Residents should arrange their own quotes for doubling glazing installers. This should detail per window and door.
  2. Houses built since 2009 are not eligible for the scheme
  3. Residents should send the quote to Edinburgh Airport
  4. Edinburgh Airport write back to the resident with the confirmed contribution the Airport will pay
  5. Residents and Airport agree how the Airport contribution will be billed
    1. A cheque can be posted to the resident after installation
    2. Installers can invoice the airport directly for the airport contribution agreed
  6. Residents go ahead and instruct the work to be done and notify the Airport of when the new glazing is installed
  7. Airport visit the property to check that the job has been completed
  8. Airport pay their contribution


The airport will make arrangement for repairs to roofs which have been damaged by vortex from aircraft. Please call us on 0131 348 4293 for more information.

Two additional schemes, designed to protect the local area from property blight arising from the Government's proposals for a possible second runway in its 2003 White Paper, The Future of Aviation, are also available to those affected:

Home Owner Support

The airport will assist property owners in the area who would be newly exposed to medium to high noise levels should a second runway receive the go ahead. Full details of the scheme are given in the booklet below, which was sent to all properties in the affected area when the document was launched. Please for further assistance.

Download Home Owner Support Scheme booklet (272KB PDF)

Property Market Support

This scheme covers the area that the White Paper recommended should be formally safeguarded at Edinburgh Airport to allow for a possible second runway. Full details of the scheme are given in the booklet below, which has also been sent to all properties in the affected area.

Property Market Support Bond 2012 (PDF format)

Further information

If you have further questions about any of these schemes please call us 08007313397. This is a free phone number and answered within two working days.