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Edinburgh Airport Shop & Collect

Like pre-flight shopping but hate struggling with the extra bags?

With Shop & Collect:

  • just buy before you fly
  • then pick up your purchases on your return

Shop & Collect is a FREE service, available when you are flying to the EU (including flights within the UK).

We will store your goods securely whilst you are away and insure them.

Upon your return to the airport, they will be ready and waiting for you at a convenient collection point, after you have claimed your luggage and cleared customs.

Perfect for fragile or heavy items

Shop & Collect is perfect if you plan to buy fragile or heavy items, but it also lets you take advantage of time-limited special offers.

In addition, it'€™s a great way to get around the current restrictions on carrying liquids on your return flight.

So you can now go for that extra fragrance, large cuddly toy or a bottle of brandy.

How to use the Shop & Collect service

To use the service, simply tell the assistant in-store that you would like to Shop & Collect, give them your details and they will take care of the rest for you.

And don'€™t feel you have to stop after the first shop - this convenient service means you can shop in all stores and still not have to carry anything.

Out of Hours Collection (22:00hrs – 05:00hrs)

Passengers who arrive back at the airport after the pick-up point closes at 22:00hrs may collect their items from Costa International Arrivals located in International Arrivals 1. Any unclaimed items will be recollected by the shop and collect Distribution Team at 05:00hrs the following day and the distribution team will then contact the customer.

Contact Details for Shop and Collect

Telephone: +44 (0)779 965 6892


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