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Lost property

If you’ve lost something, let us help.

From bracelets to books, wallets to glasses, Luggage-Point is committed to reuniting passengers with lost items. If you have lost something, you can search our lost property database in real-time at or call 0330 223 0893.

If we find your item(s), you will need to provide identification in the form of a passport or photographic driving license. All lost property will be tagged, dated and held for a period of three calendar months. More information can be found at

Shipping of identified items can be arranged, subject to a retrieval charge and any applicable shipping costs.

Retrieval costs

Depending on the size/value of the item(s), the following retrieval costs apply:

Category 1 (e.g. books, small Items of clothing, flash drives, neck pillows etc) £6.00
Category 2 (e.g. handbags, standard clothing items, rucksacks etc) £8.50
Category 3 (e.g. suitcases, mobile phones, cameras, Kindles etc) £10.00
Category 4 (e.g. laptops, tablet PCs, jewellery etc) £20.00

Retrieval options

If an item is claimed, but can’t be collected straight away, the following options are available:

1.) Nominated collection – If you can arrange for a friend or relative to pick up your lost item(s), let us know who they are and when they will be arriving. They will also need to provide us with a form of ID (passport/driver’s licence), we can authorise the release of your item to that person.

2.) Shipping – If collection can’t be arranged, Luggage-Point can send positively identified item(s) to any address through our shipping service. Items can be sent to you, home or abroad, subject to the relevant retrieval charge plus applicable shipping costs.

3.) Storage – If collection and shipping are not the options for you, Luggage-Point can store your lost item(s) in our secure storage facilities for a period of 42 days. Please click here to see details of Left Luggage storage service.

*(Prescription drugs are exempt from charge)

**(Items collected within 2 hours of being processed are subject to a £2 administration fee only)

***(Large items not claimed within 14 days will be subject to a £10 daily storage fee in addition to standard retrieval charge)

Note: Luggage-Point deal with items that have been lost in the airport terminal or in the cabin of aircraft. If you have not received your luggage or it has been lost by your airline, please contact your airline directly as Luggage-Point are unable to assist.