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Lost property

Items lost in the airport

If you lose an item in the terminal building, please enquire at the Lost Property/Left Baggage facility in UK Arrivals on the ground floor. If you've already left the airport, call +44 (0)131 344 3486.

A charge of £6 per item is made for lost property after 24 hours.

Items left on aircraft

If anything is left on an aircraft, in an airline lounge or on an airline bus, please contact your airline Airline contact details 

However, for all tour operators handled by Servisair and the following airlines; British Airways, CityJet, Germanwings,, Norwegian, Ryanair, Thomas Cook, Thomson Airways, please contact lost property above.

easyJet currently operate a separate lost property process. If it has been less than 5 days since you have lost the item please contact the lost property number above. After 5 days, all unclaimed items are sent to easyJet's central baggage department. Each item is tagged and recorded with specific information to assist with matching to a customer. If you have been unable to claim your lost item at the airport, please log onto or telephone +44 (0) 1279 810014 where you will be able to complete a form detailing your lost item. Once the form has been completed your lost item will be continually monitored and cross-checked against found items. Should a match be made, you will be contacted to discuss possible delivery or collection of the item.