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Internet access

Wireless internet access (wi-fi)

Edinburgh Airport offer free Wi-Fi service in association with Virgin Atlantic Little Red, the new domestic route between Edinburgh and London Heathrow.

This new Wi-Fi service, part of the airports wider commitment to provide passengers with the best experience, will enable people to benefit from internet access anywhere in the terminal and will offer users two free hours of internet access per day and per device, whether on a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. The new Wi-Fi service will provide a fast and reliable internet connection which is five times faster than the average UK airport, allowing access to email and the internet while waiting in the departure lounge or elsewhere in the airport.

Worried about your battery? You'll find plenty of plug sockets before security at Caffè Nero (on the first floor) and after security at WHSmith Cafè (near Gate 16).

How to connect

  • Turn on your wireless-enabled device.
  • When prompted to choose a wi-fi network, select the Edinburgh Airport network.
  • Launch your web browser and navigate to any web page.
  • You'll be redirected to the login page.
  • If you have an account, log in. Otherwise you can set up an account.

Internet terminals

Internet desks with broadband-connected PCs are available in all areas of the terminal, before and after security. This service is operated by Spectrum Interactive Ltd.

Payment can be made online by credit card, by voucher, or by coin (UK pound or euro).

You'll also find telephone-style internet kiosks where you can check your email or surf the web.