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Departing from Edinburgh Airport is as easy as 1:2:3

We're' constantly reviewing the passenger journey to make it easier and faster for you. All the information you need when departing for Edinburgh Airport is as easy as

We encourage you to think about the three steps before you leave for the airport so that you arrive prepared.

Arriving prepared

Luggage - packing your hold and carry-on luggage.

Many airlines operate from Edinburgh Airport and they each have their own baggage requirements. You should check with your airline regarding your baggage allowances.

You will also need to ensure you comply with the Department for Transport'€™s security advice regarding your luggage.

Top tips for packing

  • Check with your allowances with your airline - size and weight
  • Ensure your carry-on luggage also complies with airline requirements
  • Don'€™t pack any banned items
  • Don'€™t wrap any gifts - they may need to be viewed by security teams and will be unwrapped

Free scales at check in

Most airlines charge for excess baggage for hold and carry-on luggage. We offer free baggage weigh scales in the check-in reparation area. Benches are provided beside the free weigh scales to assist with repacking should you need to and your airline will have cabin bag sizers at their bag drop zones. You will not be able to repack at the bag drop desk so make sure you are prepared.

Items banned from luggage

For safety reasons, the following items cannot be taken on to an aircraft. Please do not pack them in either carry-on baggage or hold luggage.

  • Flammable liquids and solids.
  • Oxidisers such as bleaching powders.
  • Organic peroxides.
  • Tear gas devices or any gas cylinders.
  • Infectious substances such as live virus materials.
  • Wet-cell car batteries.
  • Magnetrons (Instruments containing mercury).
  • Instruments containing magnets.
  • Fireworks and pyrotechnics.
  • Non-safety matches.
  • Fire lighters, lighter fuel, paints, thinners.
  • Poisons, arsenic, cyanide, weedkiller.
  • Radioactive materials, acids, corrosives, alkalis, caustic soda.
  • Creosote, quicklime, oiled paper.
  • Vehicle fuel system components which have contained fuel.
  • Explosives, ammunition, detonators and related equipment.
  • Smoke canisters and smoke cartridges.