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Connecting at Edinburgh

We do our best to make your transfer trouble-free but please help us by allowing plenty of time between your connecting flights, especially if your baggage has not been checked through to your final destination.

If you are connecting from an international flight to a UK flight you need to pass through passport control/immigration.

If you are connecting from a UK flight to an international flight you will need to pass through special immigration control points where you may be asked to show your passport.

Stopping over?

If you're stopping over between connecting flights you'll need to leave the airport via passport control, baggage reclaim and Customs, then check in as normal in time for your onward flight.

There is nowhere to sleep in the airport. However, there are hotels including the Hilton and Quality Hotel next to the airport and in the surrounding area. Many provide courtesy transport to or from Edinburgh Airport.

If you need to find somewhere to stay you can book an airport hotel with us.