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FastTRACK security lane

Do you want a quick start to your trip? Pre-book FastTRACK security now for just £5 per person. The FastTRACK security service is the quickest route to the departure lounge.

How FastTRACK works

  • You can buy FastTRACK security online before you get to the airport, or from the FastTRACK machines located before security
  • When you get to Edinburgh Airport, check in on the ground floor and proceed up to the first floor security area
  • Follow the signs for the FastTRACK security lane where a member of security staff will check your ticket. If you booked online then they will check your confirmation email.

How else can I get FastTRACK?

There are other ways you may be able to use the FastTRACK security lane:

  • If you park in the FastTRACK car park you are entitled to security passes for up to two people. This also applies if you book FastTRACK parking online
  • Some airlines offer FastTRACK tickets to their passengers, for example as part of a frequent flyer reward scheme