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Taxis and Private Hire Cars - Declaration of Conformity with Edinburgh Airport Byelaws

Dear Vehicle Driver / Owner,

You should be aware that touting and/or loading passengers in a non-designated area is in breach of the Edinburgh Airport Byelaws 2015 (“Byelaws”).

Section 8(1) of the Byelaws prohibits non-authorised taxis (Hackneys) from (i) plying for hire or (ii) loading pre-booked passengers except in a designated area.

Section 3(27) of the Byelaws prohibits non-authorised private hire cars (PHCs) from loading pre-booked passengers except in a designated area.

The designated area for non-authorised taxis/PHCs to load pre-booked passengers is the Pick-Up Zone.

Any taxi or PHC observed breaching these Sections on 2 separate occasions may be subject to a Taxi Touting Charge of £30. This charge will apply at the Drop-Off Zone exit barrier for every exit thereafter.

This process applies whether or not the driver accepts any notification issued, and it applies to a taxi or PHC regardless of who is or was the driver.

By entering your details below you agree that the vehicle below will operate within the Byelaws described above.If the Taxi Touting Charge has already been applied to the vehicle below, it will be disapplied following submission of the confirmation below.However, if after submission of the confirmation you or anybody else driving the vehicle are observed in breach of these Byelaws, then the Taxi Touting Charge will apply indefinitely for every time the relevant vehicle exits the airport Drop-Off Zone.

Note: The vehicle list to which the Taxi Touting Charge applies is updated periodically. Therefore, there may be a delay in removing vehicles from the Taxi Touting Charge list. During this time the Taxi Touting Charge will still apply and is not refundable.