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SMS Refunds - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do I get charged a 10/12p standard rate message when I enter a closed competition?

It is important to Edinburgh Airport Ltd that its competitions are run fairly and transparently in accordance with regulations.

In line with regulatory requirements, Edinburgh Airport Ltd makes it clear to entrants that all entries must be received before the closing date and time stated on competition advertisements and/or competition notifications and that entries made after that time will not be counted but may still be charged. Edinburgh Airport Ltd also informs entrants when they have entered after the closing date and time that their entry has not been counted but they have been charged 10p or 12p.

2) Why can’t you stop me being charged in the first place?

A competition entry costs the cost advertised (for example, £1) plus one standard rate message. When you text in to a competition you are charged your standard rate message and when we confirm your entry you are charged the advertised cost. When you try to enter a closed competition, we cannot stop you being charged for the message you send but you will not be charged the additional advertised cost. The message you send in will be charged at your standard rate which will be 10p or 12p depending on your mobile network.