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Passenger commitments

Everyone who works here - employed directly by the Airport or working for the Border Force Agency, concessions or airline operators - has a part to play and is committed to working together to deliver the service you expect.

We'll listen to you:
  • We'll give you a quick direct response to your feedback in the format that you want
  • We'll take appropriate action on your suggestions and let you know the results
We'll give you great service:
  • We'll provide all our frontline staff with customer service training
  • We'll keep you informed at each stage of your journey
We'll give you the support you need:
  • Let us know if you've got reduced mobility and we'll provide the extra support that you need for your journey

We'll make it easier and quicker for you to check in
  • We are developing technology to help speed up the check in process for you.
  • We are supporting airlines that introduce online, self-service and early check in and bag drop facilities.
We'll make it easier and quicker for you to clear security
  • We will look at ways to improve and speed up the process, whilst focussing on keeping you safe and secure
  • We are investing in new technology to increase efficiency.
We'll make it easier and quicker for you to clear passport control
  • We are working with UK Border Force to improve the efficiency of the process
  • We are working with our airline partners to make sure your bags get to you in a timely manner.
We'll work to reduce the amount of time you need to queue at our shops and restaurants:
  • We will work in partnership with our retail partners to offer you the best service we can at all times.

We'll work to pursue a variety of destinations from Edinburgh:
  • We'll continue to work hard on pursuing the routes and destinations that you want to see and to always listen to your feedback.
We'll work to give you the retail offerings you want to see:
  • We are constantly listening to your feedback through regular research to improve the retail products we offer you.
We'll offer you a choice of ways to use our airport:
  • We are developing new technology to give you the choice to process through Immigration and Security more quickly
  • We are working with our airline partners to offer you a variety of ways to check in; on line, at a selfservice kiosk in the airport, with use of mobile phone technology.
We'll aim to give you a choice in how you make your onward journey:
  • We are always looking to improve transport links to the city and beyond, ensuring that onward transport arrangements are easy to use and integrated with the airport operation.

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