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Drop-off changes at Edinburgh Airport for better customer experience

29 August 2014

Edinburgh Airport is changing its terminal drop-off area to cope with increased passenger numbers, enhance service and to simplify use for drivers.

The changes, which have been taking place through the summer, have seen the drop-off area reconfigured to cut down on queues, maintain the availability of blue badge spaces and encourage better traffic flow.

A new separate pick-up zone, situated next to the drop-off area, has been created in response to passenger feedback. A separate entrance and exit to the pick-up zone will make it easier for vehicles to come and go without having to drive towards the terminal around the main airport approach road.

In addition, the time bands on charges have been changed to encourage drivers not to stay and alleviate congestion in the drop-off area. From 01 September, drivers who spend between five and 10 minutes in the drop-off area will be charged £3. The £1 charge remains for the vast majority of drivers who pass through in five minutes or less.

The free drop-off area in the airport’s long stay car park will continue to be available for those who don’t wish to pay the £1 charge. Blue badge holders will be unaffected by the new charging regime.

In June, 87% of the passengers that used the drop-off area passed through in 3.5 minutes.

Edinburgh Airport is continually talking to its passengers and has made these changes following valuable feedback from customers who have said that taxis using the drop-off zone to wait for pick-ups are causing a lot of congestion.

Richard Townsend, Head of Retail and Property at Edinburgh Airport, said: "At Edinburgh Airport we work hard to make sure that we’re developing our services and facilities to meet the expectations of our passengers and airlines.

"These changes are necessary to make sure that, as our airport continues to grow, we offer our customers a convenient, efficient pick-up and drop-off experience.

"A free drop-off zone will still be available but the one million vehicles which use the drop-off area on a yearly basis show that people still want to use this facility."

Drop-off and pick-up price changes from 01 September:










0-5 mins






5-10 mins






10-20 mins






20 mins - 1 hour












Pick-up and Short Stay parking









0-15 mins






15-30 mins






30 mins – 1 hour






1-2 hours