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Edinburgh Airport – 'where Scotland meets the world'

06 December 2012

Airport marks change of ownership

Edinburgh Airport will today share its vision to become the place 'where Scotland meets the world', and launch a new company brand.

The airport's chairman, Sir John Elvidge, and chief executive, Gordon Dewar, will tell a gathering of civic and business leaders at Edinburgh Castle, that the new ownership, from BAA to Global Infrastructure Partners, is "the most radical change in a generation".

Sir John will tell guests that the change "opens an exciting new chapter in the airport's history, changing the dynamics of Scottish aviation, forever.

"Our new owner, GIP, has a simple investment philosophy which is being applied energetically at Edinburgh. It is simply to improve the passenger experience and build growth through existing and new routes, particularly to long-haul destinations.

"It is an exciting time to be part of such important and significant change."

Since GIP acquired Edinburgh Airport in June, the airport has secured six new routes from easyJet and six new routes from Ryanair. Virgin Atlantic has also indicated that it will launch Heathrow services from March 2013.

The airport's new chief executive, Gordon Dewar, puts that down to more commercial freedom.

At tonight's event, he will talk about his pride in being "the chief executive of a liberated Edinburgh Airport, accountable only to a Board of Directors which meets here in Edinburgh."

He explains: "We take decisions in Edinburgh, and Edinburgh is our only concern. That is a refreshing change, and one that excites me, and my team.

"Our vision is to be the place where Scotland connects with the world.

"We want to make passengers' journeys easier and faster, and I am confident we are already making progress and are more hungry for improvement than ever before.

"In GIP, we have some of the world's best airport management capability and - more importantly - an ambitious and energetic shareholder that wants Edinburgh to be successful.

"We want to deliver a world of opportunities to the people of Edinburgh and of Scotland, and to tempt many more people from around the world to visit Scotland and our amazing capital city.

"People use airports for many reasons - to do business, to share knowledge, to move goods around, and to visit friends and family, see new places and visit familiar ones.

"It is our job to facilitate those connections, and we are working hard to secure new routes to Europe, North America and beyond.

"However you use Edinburgh Airport, we want you to feel good about your capital city's airport and we want you to be proud of it."

Sir John and Gordon Dewar also unveiled Edinburgh Airport's new logo, which is a reflection of the airport's modern and iconic control tower with a historical twist (see attached).

The new brand was created by Edinburgh-based Taste Design - a husband and wife team, Gus and Claire MacIntyre, and David Reid, a senior associate. The airport ran a competition among Edinburgh design agencies.

Gordon Dewar continued: "We love the new design, but brands and logos are only as good as the products they represent.

"It is our job to live up to the mark, to provide great service to customers every day, to build confidence in the airport and promote it relentlessly around the world.

"If we do that well, Edinburgh Airport will flourish and we will be a powerful force for social and economic good, providing a wealth of jobs and opportunity for Scotland - extending the horizons of our people and our businesses, and bringing more international visitors to this great, vibrant country of ours."