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Edinburgh Airport Consultative Committee (EACC)

Airport Consultative Committees are set up under Government Regulations.

The primary purpose of Edinburgh Airport Consultative Committee (EACC) is to ensure the future success of Edinburgh Airport by providing high quality services to passengers and airlines having particular regard to the impact this has on the surrounding communities.

The EACC manages this by advising the airport’s Chief Executive on key issues both on campus and in the wider community. Seeking a balance between these potentially conflicting interests can be a can challenging role.

More specifically the EACC:

· Considers Edinburgh Airport issues as they affect the communities or the amenities of neighbourhoods and communities

· Makes suggestions to Edinburgh Airport where this might further the interests of the communities

· Seeks to stimulate the interest of the local population in the achievements of Edinburgh Airport

· Seeks to protect and enhance the interests of the passengers and users of Edinburgh Airport

· Advises Edinburgh Airport on any other matter which they may refer to the committee

The Committee has up to 25 appointed representatives from a wide range of interests including local authorities, civil aviation, passenger, business and community groups.

The Committee membership includes:

Secretary: Tom Wright

Chairman: Robert Carr Cllr Dave Dempsey (Fife Council)
Cllr John McMillan (East Lothian Council) Cllr Dave King (West Lothian Council)
Cllr Russell Imrie (Midlothian Council)
Andrew Mather (Cramond Community Council) Joe Henderson (Kirkliston Community Council)
Kate Watt (Ratho & District Community Council) Fiona Black (jet2, Edinburgh Airport Operators Committee)
Moira Scott (Association of British Travel Agents) Joanne Davidson (Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Jock Millican (Consumers’ Association) S Smart (Scottish Trades Union Council)
Dr Stefan Slater (Edinburgh Airport Amenity Group) Air Traffic Services representative
Andrew Mitchell (Fife Chamber of Industry and Commerce) Bryan J Gall (Passenger Interests)
Cllr Kevin Lang (City of Edinburgh Council) Passenger Requiring Additional needs representative
Cllr Harry Scott (Scottish Borders Council) PC Gary Tough (Police Scotland)
Ken McNab (travel Consultant) Cllr Colin Davidson (Sestrans)
Lindsay Cole (Independent Noise Management Board) ABTA Moira Scott

Please send correspondence to marked FAO EACC.

The Passenger Services Sub Committee: This Sub Committee focuses attention on the needs of the airport's passengers and other users as well as customer services: Members: Robert Carr (Chairman), T Wright (Secretary), Jock Millican (Consumers Association), Fiona Black (Airline Operators Committee), B J Gall (Passenger Interests) and PC Gary Tough (Police Service of Scotland), Moira Scott ABTA.

Edinburgh Airport is where Scotland meets the world. It is Scotland's busiest airport and the fastest growing airport in the UK with morethan 45 airlines serving over 179 routes. In 2015 over 11.1 million passengers travelled through the airport.

Like all major airports Edinburgh Airport impacts on people’s lives in many different ways. A study published in March 2015 by BiGGAR economics found that Edinburgh Airport contributes nearly £1 billion to the Scottish economy ever year, and supports more than 23,000 jobs across the country. However, issues including as aircraft noise, air quality, resultant road traffic and the other potential knock on effects of airport growth can cause interest and concern from the neighbouring communities and stakeholders locally and across Scotland and the UK. Also the passengers’ experiences as well as the needs of the airport are all issues for wider consideration when planning the airport’s future.

Download the EACC constitution document

Edinburgh Airport’s Chief Executive and senior members of the airport’s management team attend the meetings.

Dates of the EACC meetings in 2017:

13 February
22 May
7 August
13 November

Consultative Committee meeting minutes:

EACC Feb 2016
EACC May 2016
EACC Aug 2016
EACC Nov 2016
EACC Feb 2017
EACC May 2017
EACC Jul 2017
EACC Aug 2017