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Invoicing and Getting Paid

Any Supplier that wishes to do business with Edinburgh Airport must first be approved and set up on the system. Once this has occurred, Purchase Orders can be raised to the Supplier for goods and/or services.

Edinburgh Airport uses iDocuments for creating Purchase Orders and SAP Business One for processing invoices.

All approved Purchase Orders will automatically be e-mailed by iDocuments to the e-mail inbox the Supplier supplied with their set up details.

Once a Purchase Order has been received by the Supplier, work can commence. Edinburgh Airport operates a '€œNo PO, No Pay policy'€. Please do not provide any works, services or goods to Edinburgh Airport Limited without a valid contract or PO.

When the service and/or goods have been provided, an invoice should be submitted.

Invoices should only be submitted for goods and services that are covered by an approved Edinburgh Airport Purchase Order, not a company order number. Invoices that do not reference an Edinburgh Airport Purchase Order number will be rejected.

How to ensure your invoice is received

All invoices must be addressed and sent to the bill to address on the purchase order:

Edinburgh Airport Limited
Accounts Payable
Finance Department
Capital House
EH12 9DN

Alternatively, invoices can be e-mailed to

All invoices must have, as a minimum, the following information:

  • The full bill to address for Edinburgh Airport Limited
  • The full Edinburgh Airport Purchase Order (PO) number
  • A unique invoice number (even if resubmitting an invoice that was rejected)
  • The tax point date
  • The line Number and Item Description from the PO to which the request for payment refers
  • Quantity, price and value should all be the same as shown on the Purchase Order
  • The same Supplier name as shown on the PO
  • The invoice currency must be as stated on the original PO

Invoices that do not contain all of the above information will be returned to the Supplier with an explanation note.

How to track the status of an invoice

Once an invoice has been received and accepted by Edinburgh Airport Limited it will undergo a 3-way match (Purchase Order, Receipt and Invoice) before being approved for payment. Where there are multiple lines on a PO, the invoice must state to which of those lines it refers. Invoices can only be paid once the goods/services have been receipted by the Edinburgh Airport requisitioner.

Any questions relating to the matching or payment of an invoice should be e-mailed to

How to deal with rejected invoices

All invoices will be returned to the supplier unpaid if:

  • The invoice does not state the Edinburgh Airport invoice address
  • The invoice does not refer to a valid Edinburgh Airport PO Number
  • The invoice does not match a valid Edinburgh Airport PO
  • The currency of the invoice does not match that of the original Edinburgh Airport PO
  • There is no reference to the line number of the Edinburgh Airport PO
  • There is a line on the invoice that is not on the Edinburgh Airport PO
  • The Supplier name on the invoice is not the same as that on the Edinburgh Airport PO
  • The PO has already been fully receipted and billed and the invoice is for an additional amount which has not been confirmed by a PO
  • The PO number has been handwritten

If you receive a returned invoice, correct the error that has been stated on the Returned Invoice Sheet and change the invoice number. Then you can resubmit the invoice. If the invoice is submitted with the same invoice number, the system will reject it as a duplicate invoice.