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All third parties requiring to work at Edinburgh Airport must adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures – Management of Third Parties. In order to gain access you must submit the relevant paperwork detailed within the SOP and all operatives will be required to sit an induction before proceeding on site.

Inductions: are held Monday to Fridy at the follwing times: 08:00, 08:20, 08:40, 13:00, 13:20, 13:40. Please complete a Company Registration to book inductions.

1. SOP Management of Third Parties: This document details all our procedures and processes for working at Edinburgh Airport.

2. Company Registration: The Company Registration form should be submitted if your company has not attended Edinburgh Airport, booking inductions or if requested by the CCRU.

3. Contractor RA MS: This form once fully completed must be submitted for all work including Out of Hours/Emergency Calls. Access will not given unless this form has been fully completed and submitted to the CCRU.

4. Permit Application: If your work requires any of the permits stated within this must be completed and submitted with any supporting documents.

5. Contractor RA MS Guidance: The guidance is to help explain what information is required within the Contractor RA MS form.

6. Concessionaires and Tenants Change Control: If your work involves alterations to rooms, changes to physical assets, process’s or procedures, then this document should be completed and returned to (Retail Concessionaires) or (Property Tenants) for approval prior to the work starting.

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