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Edinburgh Airport community board

The Edinburgh Airport Community Board meets quarterly to review funding applications from our local community. The Community Board consists of key representatives from Edinburgh Airport and the local community and they provide independent evaluations of applications.

Charities or community groups associated with members of the Community Board can still apply for funding, but the Community Board member must declare their involvement and withdraw from discussions and the decision-making process.

Community Board members

  • Stephen Hutt (Chairman) -€“ Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland
  • Kevin Murphy (Secretary) -€“ Planning Manager, Edinburgh Airport
  • Gordon Robertson €- Director of Communications, Edinburgh Airport
  • Anna Light €- Communication and Engagement Manager, Edinburgh Airport
  • Victoria Barby - RBS
  • Elaine Gorman - Scottish Business in the Community
  • Head Teacher - Hillwood Primary School
  • Ewan McCormick -€“ City of Edinburgh Council
  • Colin Keir - MSP
  • Grant Maclaughlan -€“ Airport Chaplin
  • Hilary Robb - Scottish Business in the Community

Community Board meetings

The 2014 meetings are being held on:

  • 13 February
  • 8 May
  • 14 August
  • 13 November

Criteria for funding

Edinburgh Airport supports the community through funding local initiatives to support health and well-being, the environment and education.

All applications are judged on their merits against the following criteria:

Community Board Criteria

Applying for funding

Funding applications must be received two weeks in advance of the meeting date to allow for registering and to be forwarded to Community Board members for pre-reading.

Applications not received in time will be referred to the following meeting.

To apply, complete the Edinburgh Airport Community funding application.