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Noise - What we are doing

Edinburgh Airport is Scotland'€™s busiest airport with over 9 million passengers passing through the terminal each year for business or leisure. Whilst air travel provides us with many benefits, aircraft noise can impact on people who live or work near airports and under flight paths.

Whilst some people get accustomed to aircraft noise, Edinburgh Airport is working with others to reduce the impact of aviation noise. Whilst we can'€™t eliminate it completely, we are working to minimise it. We are also committed to explaining what you'€™re hearing and why.

Noise is caused by air going over the aircraft'€™s fuselage (body) and wings -€“ known as airframe -€“ and its engines. When air passes over the aircraft'€™s airframe, it causes friction and turbulence, which results in noise. The level of noise generated varies according to aircraft size and type, and can differ even for identical aircraft. Engine noise is created by the sound of the engine'€™s moving parts and by the sound of air being expelled at high speed.

Aircraft have been getting progressively quieter as designs and engine technology has advanced and it is expected that today'€™s airlines will be operating even quieter models in the future.

To help address noise we work collaboratively with the Civil Aviation Authority who set the Airspace Policy, airlines themselves and Air Traffic Control (ATC) who advise the aircraft where to fly.

Edinburgh Airport is a member of Sustainable Aviation, a coalition of UK aviation stakeholders spanning aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airports and National Air Traffic Services, the principal air navigation provider.  We work together to promote continuous descents and continuous climbs to airlines operating from Edinburgh Airport.  For more information visit  

As an industry, the four main things we are doing are:

  • Design airframes and engines to reduce noise generation
  • Tighten the regulations on noise
  • Improve the way aircraft and airports operate
  • Provide noise insulation and compensation for people who experience high levels of noise

Through these noise pages we seek to tell you what improvements have been, and are being, made to aircraft design to reduce noise even more. If however you wish to complain about noise please click here to contact us.