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Community and environment

Our community matters to Edinburgh Airport. We have a strong commitment to the communities around our airport and aim to address any issues of local concern.

Community News

We publish a quarterly newsletter detailing our latest news, route announcements and environmental focus. We also deliver this newsletter to 16,500 homes and businesses in our local area. Download our latest community newsletter

Freephone noise line

In response to local requests, the airport established a freephone 24 hour telephone line for residents to raise concerns about noise. If you have concerns regarding noise, please call our noise line on 0800 731 3397 (freephone 24/7).

Noise insulation scheme

This was followed with the introduction of noise fining, whereby aircraft that break stated noise thresholds are fined depending on the level of infringement. In 2009 we launched a consultation on a Noise Insulation Scheme for those properties most affected by noise and we started insulating homes in 2010.

Community board

Edinburgh Airport grants community funding to help projects and good causes local to the airport covering education, the environment and health and well-being. The funding applications are reviewed by the Community Board, a group made up of key airport and community representatives.

If you would like to apply for funding, please complete our application form and send it by post or email to:

Community funding application
Communications team
Administration Building
Edinburgh Airport
EH12 9DN



We welcome your feedback about how we operate in our community and the service you receive from Edinburgh Airport. There are many ways for you to get in touch and let us know your feedback: