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Edinburgh Airport masterplan

The Edinburgh Airport Masterplan 2011 was produced after consideration of all the views and comments received during an extensive national consultation which ran from January to April 2011.

The Masterplan highlights how we aim to grow and develop the airport responsibly over a 30 year period whilst improving the experience for our passengers and enhancing the contribution Edinburgh Airport makes to the regional and national economy. The document along with the associate maps and a summary version can be viewed via the following links:

Masterplan (PDF format)

Summary version (PDF format)

Relevant maps (PDF format)

A consultation analysis report detailing all comments received and our response to these is available via the following link:

Masterplan Consultation Report (PDF format)

A larger scale snapshot of the cargo area to the east of the Airport boundary in Map 4 (2040 Indicative land use) is here:

Masterplan Map 4a (PDF format)

Property Market Support Bond

The UK Government White Paper, '€œThe Future of Air Transport'€ (December 2003), asked airport operators to produce a non-statutory voluntary scheme to protect the properties located next to an airport against the potential reduction of property values arising from future airport development plans. Detail of Edinburgh Airport'€™s Property Market Support Bond is available via the following link:

Property Market Support Bond 2012 (PDF format)

Airports Commission submission

Airports Commission submission (PDF format)

Airport Surface Access Strategy

Edinburgh Airport has now published its Airport Surface Access Strategy (ASAS) 2012. The ASAS can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

ASAS 2012 covers the period until 2017, and sets out Edinburgh Airport's surface access aims and objectives for the next five years. A new challenging target has been set of 35% of departing passengers using public transport to access the airport, by 2017. Vehicle access journeys can contribute to roads congestion and impact on air quality around the airport; Edinburgh Airport therefore aims to encourage the use of public and sustainable forms of transport in order to minimise the number of vehicle access journeys undertaken.

Airport Surface Access Strategy ASAS 2012 (PDF format)

ASAS Consultation Responses 2012 (PDF format)